Business Phone Systems

Organizations today are evolving quickly due to rapidly changing technology which in turn changes the way staff learn and work. For instance, many companies are now employing home based staff members. These employees still need to be supported and managed while also ensuring that they have the means and technologies to deliver a cohesive image to the client.


Devantec Phone Systems are able to use VoIP technologies to grow your office beyond your physical location.

Connecting Remote Staff

Using Devantec’s VoIP services, businesses are able to provide remote staff members with fully secured access to the corporate environment while avoiding costly overheads, additional telephone costs, etc. Delivery options vary from on-premise phone systems which are configured to allow secure, remote access to a cloud based phone platform that can be configured to meet your needs.

Linking Multiple Offices

Devantec team members have great deal of training and experience with phone systems, security and IT. Our technicians work with you to deliver a multi-site communications solution that will increase productivity while decreasing costs related to configuration, and management. This also allows for multi-site resource sharing where smaller offices, without a “receptionist” or other valuable team member, can gain the benefit of utilizing a single centralized resouce. 

Reduced Costs

Our Review-Recommend-Execute process promises timely delivery where our goal is to lower your total operating costs by finding a solution that meets your needs and objectives using technologies of today.

Devantec provides you with more reliable performance and more predictable expenses.