Cyber Security

Today, as businesses move towards a digital transformation and a convergence of technologies, this creates unintended opportunities for risks, vulnerabilities, attacks, and failures.  This is where our experts come in, we are here to assist and implement a cyber resiliency strategy that is necessary for your business.  A Devantec resiliency strategy helps by reducing risks to businesses reputation and finances.


Our cyber resiliency is executed using best practices, advanced technologies, and a team of well established, trained, and ready security professionals to help you defend against risks, protect your critical business applications, data and to help accelerate the recovery process caused by a data breach or similar disruption.  Our services help protect your environment and applications data by using multi-layer data protection services by some of the leading technology software and hardware providers in the industry and backed by our IT Security Experts

47% of small business owners admit they don’t allocate any budget to cybersecurity defences. In 2021, 41% of Canadian small businesses impacted by a cyber-attack has cost approx $100,000, up 37% since 2019.