Virtual Chief Information Officer

For most small businesses, a fulltime IT department is too costly, or inhouse IT staff on site are tasked with managing technical issues — leaving little time for maintenance, monitoring, and planning. When it comes to defining a strategic, effective IT strategy,   a virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer) is a cost-efficient alternative to restructuring or expanding an internal IT department. 

Key Benefits:

Why hire a Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) ?

Having a forward-thinking vision of where you want your business to be.  Virtual CIOs provide IT plans and strategies that help small businesses leverage IT solutions to fulfill short – and long- term business goals.

With Virtual CIO services, businesses benefit from disaster strategy development that allows for quick response and business productivity protection in the event of an outage, natural disaster, or security breach.  Virtual CIOs provide consistent security and disaster planning plus monitoring, to keep data flowing safely.

vCTOs deliver not only day-to-day monitoring and maintenance of IT performance and productivity, but also comprehensive IT management to keep business processes functioning at peak efficiency.

Many SMBs want to leverage technology — cloud accounting solutions, customer relationship management software, and much more — but lack the necessary expertise and personnel to do so. By investigating and finding the right virtual CIO to compliment and guide their IT infrastructure, performance, and overall strategy, an SMB may find not only an exceptional IT authority, but also a technology partner and trusted adviser.