Why Devantec 365 Advanced Security Protection Suite?

We Check off the good boxes for Cyber Security and Compliance

A Devantec 365 Advanced subscription offers everything needed for IT and Security teams to manage, secure, backup and automate your endpoint environments - all in one place, in one unified and automated subscription.

With “the Essential 20” Automations built in, Devantec 365 components save time by making workflows smoother, reducing manual mistakes, and making complicated tasks quicker and easier.

Devantec 365 Advanced Protection Suite Includes:

Unified RMM
Unified remote monitoring and management (RMM) solutions that empower IT professionals to monitor, manage, and secure every piece of technology, from networks to computers, that their business uses. Our system offers extensive integration with third-party applications to deliver next-generation Management of endpoints.

Antivirus (AV)
An antivirus solution that delivers compact, robust, and reliable malware protection to your endpoints. Scans, detects, and removes viruses and other malicious software on PCs and servers.

Ransomware Detection
A secure cloud platform that enables us to remotely monitor, manage, and support your endpoints. Our EDR's ransomware detection monitors for the existence of crypto-ransomware on endpoints using behavioral analysis of files and alerts us when a device is infected. Once detected, our EDR isolates the device to prevent the ransomware from spreading.

Endpoint Detection and Response
An easy-to-use cloud-based solution that detects and responds to advanced threats. This centralized tool fully integrates with AV, Ransomware detection and our RMM platform for full visual of your endpoints and any issues that may arise.

Advanced Software Management
Regular software updates and removal of unnecessary applications are essential for security, compliance, and performance in your IT environment. Third-party patching is an integral part of safeguarding your business against cyberattacks and critical data loss. The software catalog used for this component is tested on millions of devices, and each software update undergoes automated and manual quality assurance to maintain the highest standards of reliability and performance.

Through automated updates and automatic detection of software vulnerabilities, this component works in the background to help multifunctional IT professionals further secure endpoints against online threats.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR/SOC/SIEM)
Devantec's Managed Detection and Response solution is a high-tech cybersecurity service that can radically improve any organization’s security posture by taking on advanced cyberthreats and eliminating them for good. This system is monitored by Devantec IT Security Operations Centre as well as augmented by our Global partners 24/7 operated SOC team to ensure 24/7/365 monitoring and management of Cyber threats.

Endpoint Backup
A cloud-based backup and recovery solution for Windows Servers or PCs. You can leverage its features to restore single files or the entire backup image to a new device without any extra equipment being required.

Application Control
Privilege Access Management or "PAM" are solutions that help manage, secure, monitor and restrict privileged access to companies' environments. Security starts when users are controlled on what they can access on their computer, which is why effective privilege access management is critical.

In most cases, privileged users reveal administrative data by mistake. This is why users with admin rights are viewed as the biggest internal threat risk.